Parental FAQs

  • ​I thought my daycare fees paid for all special activities. Why is gymnastics not included? 
    All daycares have a budget, and cost is necessarily a primary consideration when daycares book special  activities. Gymnastics is more expensive than some other sporting options. There are multiple reasons,  but two big ones are the high cost of equipment and the duration of time a coach stays at the centre (the  child-to-coach ratio must be low in order to ensure safety and optimal learning so the coach must teach  more classes, and it takes significant time to set up and take down each circuit). Most daycares simply  cannot afford to fund gymnastics lessons. The flip side, however, is that in comparison to gymnastics lessons at a gymnastics club our prices are far, far lower. 

    Since my child already benefits from special activities and physical activity at daycare, why should I pay for gymnastics as well? 
    Gymnastics is a uniquely beneficial sport. Children get to test their bodies on diverse and exciting equipment which are surrounded by numerous mats to ensure safety. Also, all aspects of physical literacy are inherent in gymnastics- whole body strength, power, flexibility, agility, and more. We challenge you to find a more well-rounded sport! 

  • What is the minimum age a child must be to participate? 
    Most daycares organize daycare groups by age, and we do our best to find a minimum age that corresponds with the minimum age at which a child will move up to an older daycare group. As such, we do not have a specific age minimum for all daycares; however, it is typically between 18-26 months. Please ask your daycare manager for the age minimum at your centre. 

    My child will be unable to participate. Will someone be available to look after my child? 
    Should you chose to not enroll your child in Move Mobile, your child will receive the same high quality care while lessons are being taught that you have come to expect. Indeed, because gymnastics is optional, regular activities are provided as usual. 

    What if I want to withdraw my child from class? What if my child is injured or sick and can’t participate? What if my child leaves daycare before the session is complete? 
    Please read the registration package for payment and refund policies. 

    My child already does gymnastics at a gymnastics club. Why should I enroll my child in Move Mobile as well? 
    We can often tell when children are in lessons at gymnastics clubs- they know how to do a “safety landing”, to tuck their head in during a forward roll, what “tuck, pike, straddle” mean, etc. These kids appreciate the opportunity to show off what they can do, and we appreciate how inspirational they are to their friends! At the same time, our instructors know when a child needs to be further challenged,  and will so do when children are ready. 

    Isn’t gymnastics dangerous? 
    It can be if taught the wrong way. But rest assured, our coaches have years of training and experience, and they teach gymnastics the right way! In all our years of teaching, we have never had a preschooler suffer a serious injury (no broken bones, no stitches, etc.)! At the end of the day, we believe that gymnastics increases safety, because children recognize that safe practices taught in gymnastics can be transferred to the playground. Kids learn to give one – another personal space when doing physical activity, they learn “safety landings”, how to fall, to watch for dangerous objects in their play space, the importance of asking before trying a trick, etc. 
    While on the topic of safety, we want mention that spotting (lifting, holding, or otherwise physically assisting) participants is necessary to maximize learning and to ensure safety. In other words, please be advised that there will be respectful physical contact between your child and your child’s coach.  

    What should my child wear to class? 
    Clothes that your child can move comfortably in and feel comfortable in! Your child doesn’t need any specialized clothing, but we have found that some jeans are physically restrictive, and of course, we don’t recommend dresses. Depending on the policies of your child’s daycare, footwear will be either running shoes or bare feet. Sandals, open-toed footwear, or shoes that are too large are strongly discouraged. 

    I want to know what my child is learning in class. How can I keep up to date? 
    We always provide daycares with a schedule of themes and skill focuses for each week. Please ask your child’s daycare for this information, or shoot us an email at And of course, if you have questions specific to your child, we’re always happy to chat with you! 

    I understand that each week has a unique theme. Can you provide some examples? 
    Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Teddy Bears, the Arctic, African Animals, Reptiles, Dogs, and about forty more! Please note that some weekly themes are tied to Christian holidays. However, Move Mobile strives to make all classes acceptable to everyone, and as such, concepts relating to Jesus or Christian divinity are not explored (Santa, the Easter Bunny, Valentines hearts, etc. are). If this practice remains offensive to you or your child please feel free to contact us at

    Will I get pictures of my children? 
    Every parent loves to see pictures of their child having fun and learning new skills! While daycare staff may take pictures from time to time, Move Mobile has explicitly requested that their focus be on providing a minimum child-to-caregiver ratio in order to ensure optimal fun, learning, and safety.

    I have a question that is not address here or on your website. Who can I direct it to? 
    Please email your child’s coach! Your child’s coach is either Cassia ( or Jo ( If you don’t know who coaches your child, send an email to and we will be sure to get it to the right person. Also, if you have a concern or complaint about a coach or the program and wish to address it through a third party please contact your daycare manager.