What is Move Mobile?

  • Move Mobile provides a fun, gymnastics-inspired physical literacy program to daycares in Calgary and the surrounding area.

    A typical lesson lasts half an hour, and starts with a warm up that includes an active song and dance, and a fun, imaginative stretch. Next, skills are taught and reviewed. Children practice these skills in a fun-focused circuit that promotes fundamental movement skills (FMS) and other elements of physical literacy. Our circuits have a new theme and skill focus each week!

  • The importance of safety cannot be over-stated. Mats block off hard or sharp objects that may be in the room and provide cushioned landing surfaces. Equipment is appropriate for toddlers and young children- wide, low balance beams, short trestles, soft and low boxes, etc. Our curriculum has been organized such that the most basic and important skills are taught first, and other skills follow in a developmentally appropriate order. Further, all coaches have first aid certification and years of education, training, and experience which allow them to know what skills are easy or difficult, safe or unsafe.

  • Children who participate in Move Mobile love to play on our colourful equipment. They have fun dancing, playing games, and learning fantastic new ways to move their bodies. The joyful experience of gaining physical literacy is self-reinforcing and life-long!