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  • Welcome to Move Mobile

    A gymnastics-inspired physical literacy program at daycare.
  • Fun

    Our program helps kids associate exercise with fun, facilitating a life long affinity for physical activity. ​


  • Physical Literacy

    ​Gymnastics skills and circuit activities are chosen for their ability to promote foundational movement skills. ​

  • Social Skills and Self-Efficacy

    By participating in group activities, children learn to cooperate with classmates in a positive manner. Skill building promotes perseverance, work ethic, focus, and self confidence.


    “To promote physical literacy and a life long affinity for physical activity in young children through an accessible and affordable gymnastics-based program.”

  • COVID-19 Note

    Your child safety is our number one priority. We will be following all COVID-19 Alberta health guide line and operate according with updates and any additional safety measure that your child daycare implement.

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