• To register your child:

    1. Complete the online registration form (below).

    2. Send your email transfer to Please be sure to include your child’s name and daycare. We will send you a receipt once we receive your payment.

    3. Notify your daycare of your child’s enrollment by returning the registration-indication leaflet that was provided to you by the daycare. If you did not receive this leaflet, please advise the program director or manager via email instead.

    4. For Late registrations:

    Want to register after the session has started? No problem! Please follow these simple steps…

    1. Email to receive a pro-rated quote.
    2. Send pro-rated amount via email money transfer to
    3. Advise your daycare that you have registered so there is no chance that your child will miss being taken to his/ her first class! Move Mobile communicates with your daycare regularly; however, in last-minute registrations, there is a small chance that emails will not be exchanged in time for daycare employees to know to bring your child to class.
    Thank you.